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Save 10% on Prepaid orders of AquaVantage® a Natural Starch-Based Super-Absorbent.

AquaVantage® is bio-degradable and safe. Higher quality plants, using less water; makes inputs more efficient. It is a breakthrough because its bio-friendly compositions are all manufactured to deliver the highest strength and quality efficacy. AquaVantage technology provides a significant advancement over all other currently available petroleum-based hydro-gels which are potentially toxic to the soil and have the potential to contaminate fresh water sources. Due to its full season life cycle AquaVantage reduces water and chemical input costs by up to 25-50%. It is completely safe to use (USDA/FDA), or discharge into public waterways (US EPA). Its bio-friendly compositions are able to provide significant performance levels unmatched by any chemical or petroleum based superabsorbents.

Key benefits include:

  • Holds & stores hydration from rain or irrigation - saves water – up to 50% LESS WATER
  • Holds micro-nutrients in the root zone
  • Improved nutrient and water uptake
  • Improved plant capillary function and translocation of nutrients
  • Improved root growth and crop health – quicker germination and plant emergence, heat and drought tolerant,
  • Promotes more vigorous rooting systems
  • Enhanced soil tilth and microbial populations
  • Reduced transplant shock
  • Reduced drought stress
  • Enhanced flavor profile in crops
  • Increased size, weight and shelf life of fruits and vegetables
  • Provides safe and non-toxic applications as it is a natural starch based bio-degradable product


1-39 bags MSRP $5.50/lb Prepay Cost $4.95

Full Pallet Lots MSRP $5.25 Prepay Cost $4.73

22+ Pallets MSRP$4.80 Prepay Cost $4.32

Available sizes:

55.11 lb. (25kg)bag

2,205 lb.totes

Full truckload shipment

APPLICATION RATE depends on crop typically 4-7 lb./acre. Apply one time per season at seed planting

  • Product is ready to ship immediately. During high season starting January, expect 40-50 day lead time.
Expires in 13 days
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