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Silicium PK Liquid Seaweed Extract

FERTUM® SILICIUM PK is a liquid fertilizer based on Silicon, in SiO2 form, enriched with phosphorus, potassium and natural seaweed extracts. Its active component is hydrolyzed in the roots forming monosilicic acid when applied via irrigation or to the foliage. The silicon is quickly transported throughout the plant through the xylem maximizing the physical and chemical properties and the development of the plant's cells and structure.

FERTUM® SILICIUM PK allows the quick absorption of mineral nutrients because they are combined with natural low molecular weight chelating agents. BENEFITS OF USING FERTUM® SILICIUM PK • Develops a thicker and more protective cuticle • Improves strength of vegetative structure and of fruits • Protects plants from an excessive loss of water due to transpiration • Improves stem condition in grapes and of pedicels in cherries • Decreases cracks in cherries • Increases volume and mass of roots • Intensifies sugar content in fruit • Increases horticulture yields and improves the production of fodder • Allows a higher tolerance to stress conditions (transplant, temperatures, drought, wind. etc.)

MSRP $59.85 USD/gal 275 gal tote: $53.55/gal 5 gal pail: $56.70/gal 2.5 gal jug: $59.85/gal

  • Minimum order 275 gallons
  • Delivery to begin on or after January 28, 2019
  • Delivery cost not included
Expires in 2 months
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