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Our Value

Farmers use our online marketplace to find unique deals on agricultural resources, like equipment, services, and consumable products.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help agribusinesses around the world access cyclical resources more efficiently.

What We Do

We’re a marketplace for agricultural resources. An extension of a farm’s procurement arm. Always working for you, the farmer, to save you time and money.

Looking for consumable goods:

Sign-up for deals on priority chem and fertilizer from trusted retail partners.

Looking for equipment or services:

Search our marketplace for peer-to-peer or professional supplier listings in your area.

Looking for input procurement:

Become a member of our procurement group and rest easy knowing you are getting the best price on your biggest farm purchases.

How We Do Procurement

Leverage Group Buying Power

We aggregate the overlapping seasonal resource needs of many growers to negotiate a volume-based discount from retailers or manufacturers.

Partner With Channel

We partner with crop advisors and retailers to help them lower operating costs, giving them tools to easily manage more acres, thus expanding their business.

Remove Barriers

We automate the management of the supply chain, using data, network, and technology to secure transparent pricing options, allowing the farmer to focus on the farm and not shopping.

Why HarvestPort

Understand Grower Needs:

HarvestPort was founded to improve efficiency in the agricultural supply chain. We are a collaborative online tool to help farmers maximize value from seasonal procurement of equipment, services, and consumable products. By facilitating the exchange of assets farmer-to-farmer, HarvestPort has further honed our ability to leverage technology to mitigate friction between two counterparties. We convert unpredictable outcomes into mutually understood economic data.

Strong Relationships:

We have deep relationships across the ag supply chain, partnering with trusted retailers, we connect all types of growers, small to large agribusinesses, to the supply they need.

Experts at Logistics:

We know how to move ag assets from buyer to seller on time with no added costs.

Secure and Accurate Payments:

Zero billing disputes since we launched. All personal data is kept private and processed securely.

Proud Members Of:

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