We save farmers time and money on crop inputs.

How We Do It

  • Using the collective demand from our member growers, we get best-in-market pricing from your favorite retailers.
  • With the help of our proprietary technology, we are able to use the historical purchase data of farmers to forecast needs and optimize order processes.
  • We place orders for the products you need, managing the logistics along the way and ultimately saving you time and money.

Exclusive Member Benefits

As a HarvestPort member, our goal is to make your job easier.

Exclusive Member Benefits

As a HarvestPort member, our goal is to make your job easier.

Access to HPX (HarvestPort Exchange)

HPX is HarvestPort’s proprietary tech platform that gives growers access to a suite of business intelligence tools including forecasting, planning, and alternative product comparisons.

Access to HPX Exclusive Pricing

We know negotiating input pricing is time-consuming. That’s why we’ve already done it for you. Buying through HarvestPort ensures you’re getting the best price from your favorite retailers.

Access to Alternative Products

See how much you could save by using alternative or generic products. HPX’s intuitive chemical database does the work for you, just look for the green circle next to the alternate as an indication of its comparability to the original product.

Access to a Human Being Whenever you Need Help

HarvestPort’s U.S.-based Grower Relations team is happy to speak with you and your team. We handle bidding, placing orders, logistics, and order tracking by PO, vendor, product, price, to streamline your vital data.

Access to Financial Planning Tools

HPX makes forecasting your input needs easy—seamlessly model alternate scenarios and instantly evaluate the effect on your bottom line. Data can be analyzed by forecast, product, month, and application, and viewed as a cost per acre metric.

Access to All Related Documents

Catalog and access all of your purchase orders, recs, maps, or notes. These can also be tagged, filtered, and searched by ranch, purchase order, spray type, and other key criteria.

There are a lot of AgTech companies making claims about ROI, but HarvestPort is one of the few that has actually saved us significant money and time.

Ceil Howe III – Trinitas Farming

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