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Stop Shopping. Start Farming.

Farming is the most essential job on this planet, but it comes with unknowns. HarvestPort finds the the right inputs at the right prices, to help you plan for those unknowns. We handle the shopping, so you can handle the farming.

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The dream of farming was never about browsing the internet for Urea Ammonium Nitrate Solution. Get back to the field. We’ll do it for you.

HarvestPort Deals

Crop input suppliers don’t have an easy way to market new products and reach new farmers outside of the traditional retail experience. And farmers, of all sizes, don’t have a centralized online resource to get savings on new or commonly used inputs and services.

HarvestPort connects suppliers to farmers, by curating unique offers on crop inputs and services, and sharing them with our HarvestPort members through HarvestPort Deals.

  • HarvestPort exclusive pricing
  • Competitive offers
  • Validated results

Farmers looking to get a taste of what HarvestPort offers should sign-up for HarvestPort Deals to recognize immediate savings on inputs and services for your farm.

HarvestPort Inputs

Shopping for inputs is time consuming—having to compare costs, knowing the right time to buy, and watching market trends takes farmers out of the field and into the office. HarvestPort removes barriers in the inputs supply chain, so farmers can get back to what they love best, farming not shopping.

HarvestPort Inputs is the procurement group farmers join to benefit from HarvestPort negotiated inputs.

  • Seasonal procurement solutions
  • Transparent pricing
  • Crop advisor approved purchases

Farmers interested in realizing significant time and cost savings should inquire about our professional membership.

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"On the farm, a penny saved is a penny earned. Using HarvestPort we saved 10% on fertilizer this season."